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Speakers Bureau
Understanding the challenges of a changing industry is one of the primary goals of the Speaker's Bureau. 
A program of providing industry insight to make valuable decisions about the accounting solutions available. 

Changes in Technology and Business Management Systems

Is technology changing so rapidly that your clients complain that they cannot keep up?


You know you cannot stop change.  But, you can take advantage of resources that can help both you and your clients better understand and prepare for those changes.  It is even better when you can benefit from the experience of those who deal with the technology daily.


It is interesting to hear a different perspective.  From our perspective, it is insights into how and why some companies in an industry have managed to strengthen their own performance while others struggle.


Look at how much different your industry looks from just 5 years ago.  Yet, despite some truly remarkable changes and upheaval, many in the industry have successfully adapted and prospered, often by utilizing technology to better manage and direct their business.


There will continue to be vast changes from newer technologies and we can all impact - or be impacted by - what is happening "out there."  There is much to learn.


At L. Kianoff & Associates, Inc., we have made it our business to know what is happening "out there" to help strengthen business practices for our client companies.


The key, of course, is to understand better how new technologies are affecting, impacting and changing how business is done.  We believe we can shed light on some of the technologies here now and soon heading your way.  L. Kianoff & Associates, Inc., with its team of CPAs and other certified consultants, has broad and deep experience with accounting and business management systems in almost every industry.


If you are part of an organization that uses speakers at meetings, or are involved in scheduling programs for next year, or for openings this season, we would like to offer you the complimentary services of our Speaker's Bureau.  We have a team of accomplished speakers to business and industry who can deliver information and perspective in a fun way that can help you champion the success of your clients or members of a preferred organization.


Please review our speaking topics which can be tailored to meet your time requirements.  We have included information about our speakers, our company and the topics currently available.  If you would like information on a topic not listed, please contact us and give us an opportunity to create a program, individually tailored for your organization.



Speaker's Bureau Topics
Other Topics Available Upon Request

  • Choosing Accounting And Business Management Systems.  You are buying tools to give you access to information about your business; be sure the tools tie together departments.

  • Meet Your Host: ASPs Maintain Your Software Off Site.  Web hosting of your accounting and business management software means you do not have to know NT, SQL, TCP/IP, or others.

  • Current Events: Planning For Industry Changes.  Flexibility to react to "ups" and "downs" is a lot easier when you maximize technology to strengthen your performance.

  • Crystal Ball: How You Will Conduct Business In The Future.  e-business?  A sneak peak into the likely ways technology will continue to impact and alter the way we all do things.

  • Security Check: Cyber-Terrorism or Curious Employees?  Overcoming hackers, viruses and other ills while you empower your team with more access to information.

  • Virtual Office: Accessing Information Off Site.  Sales reps check inventory, customers see order status and employees can see time left in their vacation bank.

  • The Other Guy: Using Technology To Compete Against You.  A glimpse at how your competition is stretching technology to give themselves an edge.

  • Your Industry On Line: What Is Going On.  A guided tour through some web sites and information resources you need to know about.





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